• To file for unemployment, go to
  • The maximum Unemployment benefit amount in Nevada is $469 per week
  • Tipped Team Members may be able to file for unemployment to fill the gap between what Station Casinos is paying them and the amount available through Unemployment
  • For tipped Team Members who participate in tip compliance, your pay including, tips is the pay that is reported to Unemployment and is part of the auto-populated wages when you initially apply
  • For tipped Team Members, when you report your weekly wages, Unemployment automatically recognizes that you are receiving less pay than what was reported to Unemployment. Therefore, if eligible, Unemployment will pay the difference between your weekly benefit amount and your regular pay. Provided however, it is less than the maximum benefit amount of $469 per week.
  • If you are a full time Team Member (tipped or non-tipped) and are receiving a regular paycheck from Station Casinos that is MORE than $469 per week, you are not eligible for Unemployment compensation
  • If you are receiving at least $1.00 per week in unemployment compensation, you ARE eligible for the additional $600.00 in compensation. If you are NOT receiving unemployment pay, you are NOT eligible for the additional $600.00
  • However, please note, this additional $600.00 is retro to the week ending April 4th
  • Here is a link to helpful tutorial videos on how to file your Unemployment claim:
  • All eligibility decisions regarding Unemployment are made only by the State



Unemployment filing guidelines by name:

To provide more efficient services, a new method for online filing for Nevadans seeking to initiate or renew claims has been established. It is recommended claimants follow this new methodology organized by last names which is aimed at providing faster results for Nevadans seeking to gain access to unemployment benefits:

  • Last names A-K are asked to file on Sundays.
  • Last names L-R are asked to file on Mondays.
  • Last names S-Z are asked to file on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday through Saturday are open for all to initiate or renew claims online.